Friday, January 06, 2006

iPod for free..well allmost

If you're one of those 90's CD collectors, and you want to update your technology, you're in luck. Millennium Music is offering to give you an iPod if you give them your old music CDs. All you have to do is ship them your CDs, and they will value them based on physical condition. The conversions of CDs to iPod is here:

45 CDs = 512 MB iPod Shuffle
65 CDs = 1 GB iPod Shuffle
85 CDs = 2 GB iPod Nano
110 CDs = 4 GB Nano
130 CDs = 30 GB iPod
175 CDs = 60 GB iPod

If you don't have that many CDs, you can use their Trade Calculator to pay the difference. Sounds like a good deal to me.

By/Thanks to, Lord of Net


  • Hi Nice Blog .Setting the backlight to “always on” will significantly reduce your Ipod batteries life. Only use the backlight when necessary.

    By Blogger Andreya, at 11:47 PM  

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