Sunday, January 08, 2006

EyeBud 800 Wearable iPod Video Display

The SeattlePI reports this morning that a company in the business of making video display products for military and industrial uses is bringing a new product to the iPod market.

eMagine Corp. has developed a wearable headset system known as the EyeBud 800 that plugs into a fifth-generation, video-capable iPod and projects its video feed, processed to appear at a higher resolution than the source video, in front of one eye of the wearer. The projected video appears, to the user, to be larger than that of the iPod screen held at a comfortable distance; it provides the experience of watching a 105-inch display from 12 feet away.

Set to debut in the first half of this year, the EyeBud 800 is expected to retail for $599. The unit consists of the headset along with a control module, similar to an iPod in size, which includes a rechargeable battery pack. eMargin is excited about the anticipated consumer embrace of their new iPod accessory.

    "Suddenly you've got this big-screen, movie-screen, home-theater experience, wherever you are," said Gary Jones, eMagin's president and CEO.
Thanks to MacRumors for the tip.

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